Mindful Musings…

Mindful musing of the moment: 
Someone asked me the other day if I thought that two people who have been married for fifty-plus years would be as happy in that relationship as they might be if they had divorced thirty-five years earlier and found a new spouse.  Basically…

can you achieve the same degree of happiness with more than one person?
The answer to that question is best debated over a really nice Pinot Noir carefully poured into a beautiful piece of Reidel stemware.  Since that isn’t possible right now, if anyone has some insight to contribute, please leave a comment.

Waiting for…Martini Time!

It’s nearly 4pm.  On my desk is my mother’s own hand-written guide to bartending, so to speak.  A shopping list of cocktail ingredients will accompany me to the store this afternoon.  My mission is identified.  While the Pink Martini Lounge is a great place to visit, to share ideas or leave comments, you’ll also be able to see what these drinks look like as I re-create them for you.

Here’s the much-awaited photo of my mother’s compilation of recipes.  This was my old school writing book, grease-splattered and dog-eared and turned into a bartender’s guide Not for the weak at heart. 

One more thought for the day…

I really have to get my act together and get this done earlier.  So many ideas to try.  Knowing the importance of a Mission Statement, I’ve written a very rudimentary sample and tomorrow will review and revise.  Online I found a fab web designer for Blogger, but cross your fingers that she’ll take on another customer.  Her website said, “Sorry, no more new designs.”  Maybe she can modify an existing one…something pink, sassy, with a hint of 1950s illustrations.  I can visualize it…so it will be. 

No martini tonight…opened a 2007 Kenwood Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.  Was pretty darn good. Trying to conserve on my Grey Goose!  TTFN. Luv ya!

Early morning thoughts…

I have a plan for the Pink Martini Lounge. If I put it in writing, it’ll come to fruition.

The Pink Martini Lounge: A place to go for a few laughs, relationship venting, food/wine thoughts and just about anything you’d talk about with your friends at a trendy watering hole.

There. My mission is in focus…now to get a sassy design and blog away!

See you soon.
PS…I can make a most fabulous Washington State Apple martini, not with Crown Royal, either!