Wednesday Friendsday…

It must be the axis of the earth or sunspots or something like that. One entire day without a decent internet connection and “Blam!” my world comes to a veritable standstill.  By four in the afternoon (almost Martini time) the cigarette-smelling cable guy arrived and realigned the solar system so that my internet was once again functioning as it should.

The chicken soup that gently simmered for over an hour yesterday was taken over to my friend’s house, along with eight matzo balls, three sliced carrots and several un-neatly diced boiled chicken breasts.  I hope he and his wife enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.  Isn’t that how you should feel when you do something for friends? I hope so.

I also hope that someone finds this blog.  Yoo-hoo…anyone?  If someone finds it, what in the world would they comment about?  Hm. I need to do something catchy so that if someone lands here, well…at least they’d have a reason to leave their two cents. 

Good night.