Early morning thoughts…

I have a plan for the Pink Martini Lounge. If I put it in writing, it’ll come to fruition.

The Pink Martini Lounge: A place to go for a few laughs, relationship venting, food/wine thoughts and just about anything you’d talk about with your friends at a trendy watering hole.

There. My mission is in focus…now to get a sassy design and blog away!

See you soon.
PS…I can make a most fabulous Washington State Apple martini, not with Crown Royal, either!

So many ideas…

Trying to design a logo/theme for Pink Martini Lounge. Poured a glass of wine; didn’t help. Tried another; no help again. Better hire a graphic artist for something 1950’s-ish. There’s a wonderful website I found last night through Twitter – http://www.martiniinthemorning.com/ . Their music is all the wonderful old standards that were before my time, but I eventually grew to love years later. Crooning away are the originals (Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney) and newer talent (Michael Buble, Steve Tyrell, Diana Krall). My 22 yr old daughter bought Bobby Darin on iTunes tonight. Wonder if 50 Cents will be remembered 50 years from now?

I have made a commitment to tackle Julia Child’s once-again famous Boeuf Bourguignon. I don’t have the right cookware, but will do the best I can to re-create perfection. Just the idea of having the melange of aromas in my kitchen is enough to get me started.

Good night – must look for Pink Martini Lounge theme.

The New Pink Martini Lounge

From the looks of it, today was a pretty good day. Examiner.com said, “Congratulations! You’re the new Destinations Travel Examiner, Orlando Edition. I said, “What?” and proceeded to jump up and down very rapidly, causing all four of my cats to run for cover. They can use the exercise.

The Pink Martini Lounge is my new personal hangout. Walking into my own Martini Bar, sitting anywhere (within reach of my computer’s keyboard, of course) I am completely at ease. I can talk talk talk to my private bartender (you, the reader) for as long as I want, saying anything that might pop into my head. Mostly I think I’ll share my slightly skewed impressions of my world as I see it. Other times, there might be something newsworthy to report. What happens in the Pink Martini Lounge, stays in the Pink Martini Lounge. Unless, of course, it is so cool, so amazing that you feel compelled to share it with the world. Like a great new Martini recipe!
That’s all for tonight. Gonna wrap it up and hit the sack. Til tomorrow…Good night!


This page will be the alpha-index listing to restaurants and lounges that I discover through my travels around the world. Each alpha-index entry will contain the link URL to my review of that specific restaurant or lounge.   

This page will continually be updated as I continue to find more places to add in to the list.

Whine n’ Dine

This nav bar title link will go to a page that will be comprised of food recipes which can be themed with a particular liquor, cocktail or wine. (Or something like that).