The New Pink Martini Lounge

From the looks of it, today was a pretty good day. said, “Congratulations! You’re the new Destinations Travel Examiner, Orlando Edition. I said, “What?” and proceeded to jump up and down very rapidly, causing all four of my cats to run for cover. They can use the exercise.

The Pink Martini Lounge is my new personal hangout. Walking into my own Martini Bar, sitting anywhere (within reach of my computer’s keyboard, of course) I am completely at ease. I can talk talk talk to my private bartender (you, the reader) for as long as I want, saying anything that might pop into my head. Mostly I think I’ll share my slightly skewed impressions of my world as I see it. Other times, there might be something newsworthy to report. What happens in the Pink Martini Lounge, stays in the Pink Martini Lounge. Unless, of course, it is so cool, so amazing that you feel compelled to share it with the world. Like a great new Martini recipe!
That’s all for tonight. Gonna wrap it up and hit the sack. Til tomorrow…Good night!

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